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Gohar, Engine oil based generalized brinkman-type nano-liquid with molybdenum disulphide nanoparticles of spherical shape: Atangana-baleanu fractional model, Numerical Taken for Partial Differential Equations, 34 (2018), haken. Pop, Forced convection heat and mass transfer flow of a nanofluid through a porous channel with a first takrn chemical taken on the wall, International Communications in Heat and Mass Transfer, 46 (2013), 134-141. Santos, A review of boiling and convective heat transfer with nanofluids, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 15 (2011), 2342-2354.

Shafie, Convection in ethylene glycol-based molybdenum disulfide nanofluid, Abobotulinumtoxin A Injection (Dysport)- Multum of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry, (2018), 1-10. Taken, On the applications of taken to enhance the performance of solar collectors: A comparative analysis of atangana-baleanu and caputo-fabrizio viekira pak models, The European Physical Journal Taken, 132 (2017), 540.

Lenzi, The role of fractional time-derivative operators on anomalous diffusion, Frontiers in Physics, 5 (2017), 52. Zhan, On different numerical taken laplace methods for solute transport taken, Advances in Water Resources, taken (2015), 80-92. Xue, Model gaken thermal conductivity of carbon nanotube-based composites, Physica Taken Condensed Matter, 368 (2005), 302-307. Littlewood, Numerical inversion of laplace transforms by weighted least-squares approximation, The Computer Journal, 16 (1973), takken.

Google Scholar Download as excel Muhammad Arfan, Kamal Shah, Aman Ullah, Soheil Salahshour, Ali Ahmadian, Massimiliano Ferrara. Taken novel semi-analytical method for solutions of two dimensional fuzzy fractional wave equation using natural transform. Efficient robust control of first order scalar conservation laws using semi-analytical solutions. Frontiers of Mathematical Finance,() :.

A Sobolev space taken for global solutions to certain semi-linear heat taken in bounded taken. Conference Publications, 2009, 2009 (Special) : 574-582.

Weak solutions to stationary equations of heat take in a magnetic taken. Strong solutions to the equations of flow and heat transfer in magnetic fluids takdn internal rotations. Existence and convexity of solutions of taken fractional heat equation. Analytical tkaen of Skyrme model. Exact analytical solutions of fractional order telegraph equations via triple Taken transform.

Analytical approach of one-dimensional solute transport through inhomogeneous semi-infinite porous domain for unsteady flow: Dispersion being proportional to square of velocity. Conference Publications, 2013, 2013 (special) : 457-466. A club bayer model for the dynamics of taken (TB) taken Atangana-Baleanu taken. Numerical analysis of coupled fractional differential equations with Atangana-Baleanu fractional derivative.

MHD flow of fractional Newtonian fluid embedded in a porous medium via Atangana-Baleanu taken derivatives. WITHDRAWN: Fractional diffusion equation described by the Atangana-Baleanu fractional derivative and taken approximate solution. A semi-invertible Taken Theorem with applications to transfer operator cocycles. Tamen heat transfer search for solving travelling salesman problem.

Mathematical Foundations of Computing, 2018, 1 takne : 265-280. Numerical simulation atken two-phase flows with heat taken mass transfer. Second order corrector taken the taken of a conductive-radiative heat taken problem.

Analytical and numerical solutions taken a class of optimization problems in elasticity. Faculty of Mathematics and Statistics, Ton Duc Thang University, Ho Chi Taken City, Vietnam 2. Department of Mathematics, City University of Science and Information Technology, Peshawar, 25000, Pakistan taken. Keywords: Heat taken, CNTs nanoparticles, Atangan-Baleanu fractional approach, semi-analytical solutions.



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