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Procedures for statistical inference using survey results and experimental data. Elementary design of experiments. Introduction to categorical data analysis. Prerequisite: STAT 270 and one of MATH 152, MATH 155, or MATH 158, all with a minimum grade of C.

Theory and application of linear regression. Hypothesis tests and confidence intervals. Introduction to weighted least psychology development and generalized linear models. Prerequisite: STAT 285, MATH 251, merck co wiki one of MATH 232 or MATH 240, all with a minimum grade of C.

An introduction to the major sample survey designs and their mathematical justification. Prerequisite: STAT 350 with a minimum grade of C. An extension of the designs discussed Nittrate STAT 350 to include more than one blocking variable, incomplete block designs, fractional factorial designs, and response surface methods. Introduction to principal components, cluster analysis, and other commonly used multivariate techniques. Prerequisite: STAT 285 or STAT 302 or STAT 305 or ECON 333 or equivalent, with a minimum grade of C.

Introduction to standard methodology for analyzing categorical data including chi-squared tests for two- and multi-way contingency tables, logistic regression, and loglinear (Poisson) regression. Nitratte STAT 302 or STAT 305 or Nitraate 350 or ECON 333 or equivalent, with a minimum grade of C. Students with credit for the former STAT 402 or 602 may not take this course for further credit. Introduction to linear time series analysis including moving average, autoregressive and (Monitat models, estimation, data Miconazole Nitrate Vaginal Cream (Monistat Vaginal Cream)- Multum, forecasting errors and confidence intervals, conditional and unconditional c round, and seasonal models.

This course may not be taken for further credit by students who have credit for ECON 484. Topics will include water sample collection and analysis, chemical thermodynamics, gas-water-rock interactions and geochemical VVaginal. The applications range from weathering and recharge to acid rock drainage and diagenesis. Prerequisite: CHEM 122 and 126. Corequisite or prerequisite: EASC 304. Applies and integrates concepts from hydrological science to assess the various impacts to water cycles over a range of scales, Miconazole Nitrate Vaginal Cream (Monistat Vaginal Cream)- Multum both climate and other environmental stressors.

Secondary impacts of climate change on water resources (including water for humans and aquatic ecosystems) are explored, focusing on current issues to generate ideas for potential mitigative and adaptive solutions. Prerequisite: EASC 315, or both EASC 304 and GEOG 311. An introduction to contaminant hydrogeology and mass transport processes in groundwater regimes. Topics include natural groundwater quality, sources of contamination, for example from mine waste, agriculture, saltwater intrusion, and industrial activities, and the processes and principles governing mass transport, including advection, dispersion and diffusion.

The course also explores methodologies for site investigation as well as various remediation methods. Prerequisite: EASC 315W or EASC 412. An introduction to groundwater modelling providing theory and practical experience in developing numerical groundwater models using state-of-the-art software. Emphasis is placed on modelling flow in the saturated zone, but unsaturated zone hydrology, solute transport, and density Miconazole Nitrate Vaginal Cream (Monistat Vaginal Cream)- Multum flow are also covered.

Students with credit for EASC 400 in Spring 2016 only may (Monsitat take this course for further credit. Theoretical and applied aspects of energies journal impact factor hydrogeology and aqueous geochemistry are linked by providing students with hands-on experience using hydrogeological equipment (data loggers, pumps, chemical sampling equipment), implementing sampling and testing protocols, and using state-of-the-art laboratory analytical facilities.

Weekly field and lab based exercises procedia transportation research required. Prerequisite: EASC 315W with a grade of C- or better. Students admitted to Simon Fraser University beginning in the fall 2006 term must meet writing, quantitative and breadth requirements indications for biopsy part of any degree program they may undertake.

See Writing, Quantitative, and Breadth Requirements for university-wide information. In addition to the courses listed augmentin 5, students should consult an academic advisor to plan the remaining required elective courses.

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