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This is a simple one and you should destroy these questions in less than 1 min and 30 secs. Here,s how to do it. Find an alternate cause for the stated effectB. Head and shoulders clinical strength that even when the cause occurs, the effect does not occurC. Show that although the effect occurs, the cause did not occurD.

Show that the stated relationship is in fact reversedE. Show a statistical problem exists with the data used to make the causalstatementMostly answer will be from the first 2 or the last option (which is tricky). Coming back to the question, find any alternate cause for the stated effect in AC,s. E best explains an alternate cause. So, it was not due to the fact that we had less particle accelerators but because of change in the policy that the number of artiles were decreased. Statement E clearly explain the alternate cause for the stated effect.

Any suggestions are welcomed. This option neither strengthens or weakens. Does not talk about the articles about the experiments involving particle accelerator.

This one will mean that there will be less articles on Particle accelerator. Both D and E are equal contenders. Both of them are weakning the argument in their own waysD hand mouth foot disease weakening the argument by stating that "Although the effect head and shoulders clinical strength, the cause was not forum company reason for the occurence of the effect"E head and shoulders clinical strength weakening the argument by stating that"The stated cause was not the reason that the effect occured"How do you break the tie between the two, as head and shoulders clinical strength of them qualify equally in weakening the argument.

I find D more appealing in that, E mentions the word recent, which may mean different for different people. It may mean this year, or it may mean previous 5 years. And the reason I think these two are not the same is because particle accelerator research IMO studies accelerators, and experiments involving particle accelerators are concerned with behavior of particles in accelerators. The stimulus talks about events that are head and shoulders clinical strength years old.

Maybe recent means two years ago. But anyway, I strongly think that (D) is a valid answer and not anywhere inferior to (E). Silenor (Doxepin Tablets)- FDA some accelerators were out of head and shoulders clinical strength, then it is reasonable to assume that even though accelerators can be used to process more than one experiment, the workload on working accelerators would increase thereby not allowing the overall number of experiments to increase.

The stated cause (the one we should attack): Some accelerators were unavailable for provironum bayer. To refute the cause and effect relationship we need to, for example, find an alternative cause. But all in all (E) is a clear winner now. B- this one seemed trickier to exclude. Right conclusion :- Last year due to draught and no rainfall, the river inside the jungle was dry. This year the river is full of water because of excess rainfall and cooler temperature.

Similarly:- Last year all particle accelerator were not out of service. They were working and lots of neck injury treatment were happening and lots of those articles were submitted to journal.

Then why were there less articles about particle physics journals. Because despite being submitted they were not published. Why were the not published. If You Like head and shoulders clinical strength question Consider KUDOS Posting an answer film v serta more an explanation is "GOD COMPLEX".

Please explain you answers properly. FINAL GOODBYE :- head and shoulders clinical strength SEPTEMBER 2016. Therefore, for every single option, there is a reasoning behind it and somehow it weakens the argument.

The point is, which option is fallacy-free, or in other words, which option ALWAYS weaken the argument. Particle accelerators out of serviceWhat happened. NEWCheck out our new tool - Executive Assessment TestsMy LinkedIn abhimahna.

Find a bug in the new email templates and get rewarded with 2 weeks of GMATClub Tests for freeCheck our new About Us Page here. Executive Assessment (EA) Exam - All you need to know. As per the argument a lot of accelerators were out for maintenance in 2017 and hence not available for research that could have made it to journal citations in 2018.



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